Cada mudança de design de 2 heroes revelada ate agora: novas procura por misericórdia, traçador, mais

Overwatch 2 has tweaked the designs of many fan-favorite Heroes, so make sure you check out all the changes ahead of the game’s launch.

Overwatch 2 aims to shake up the meta with its 5v5 team comps and keep players entertained with its new PvE content. However, one of the most exciting additions is the new hero design changes. Not only do the heroes in Overwatch 2 have a fresh new look, they also have even greater detail than ever before.

The game’s release may be a while off, but that hasn’t stopped Blizzard from teasing the new designs for Mercy, Tracer, and the rest of the ragtag crew. Overwatch’s colorful cast of characters continues to be some of the most beloved in gaming, so it only makes sense that the devs would want to make some adjustments.

While these character changes may be rather minor, they do help to distinguish both titles from one another. Without further ado, here are all the Overwatch 2 character designs.



First up on the list is that of Mercy, the supportive guardian angel who serves as one of the game’s most useful healers. Mercy has ditched the high ponytail and opted for a shorter hairstyle, which features a smaller halo. Her wings and combat medic outfit also feature new gold highlights, which help to make her armor really stand out.


Lucio is the next support that gets some love in Overwatch 2. His dreadlocks have been switched to a much darker brown, while green dye has been used to further compliment his armor. The black arm and leg guards also really pop with the fluorescent green coloring, giving Lucio even greater style than ever before.



Overwatch 2’s Reinhardt no longer hides his face behind his helmet – instead, the stalwart tank has decided to show his grizzled face to the world. Not only does this valiant hero feature his lion crest on his arm, it also now appears in the center of his breastplate.

If that wasn’t enough, Reinhardt has also beefed up his shoulder pads and finished off his hulking armor with gold trim. After all, every knight needs a cool-looking armor set they can rely on.


Everyone’s favorite genetically engineered gorilla also has a fresh look, albeit an incredibly minor 1. Winston’s bulky shoulder pads have been replaced with smaller ones, while his energy pack has seen some adjustments. Instead of featuring various emblems on his armor, Overwatch 2’s Winston has a much simpler look to it.


Tracer’s iconic brown bomber jacket has been replaced with a grey version. The next notable feature is the addition of her new running shoes. The time-jumping adventurer is known for her incredible speed, so it makes sense that Blizzard would want to alter this in Overwatch 2.

Next up is Tracer’s arm guards. They may still maintain the same white coloring, but they have been streamlined to help cut back on drag.


The cybernetic shinobi has received one of the biggest design changes in Overwatch 2 – in fact, the only two mainstays are that of Genji’s helmet and iconic sword. Instead of wearing his usual hightech gear, Genji has opted for a more casual approach for combat. Despite donning what appears to be an armored jacket and grey trousers, the deadly ninja still oozes cool.



The fluffy fur frills that were present on Mei’s boots have been removed and the lower section of her coat has also seen some adjustments. The intrepid climatologist also no longer has a trusty item belt. While some Mei fans may not agree with these changes, it seems that Blizzard has been keen to declutter her old design.


Widowmaker’s redesign was one of the first Overwatch characters that received a lot of acknowledgment from the community. Nearly everything from Widowmaker’s original outfit has been changed.

The deadly assassin’s sniper is much bulkier and shares the same dark purple coloring of her outfit. Widow’s Infra-Sight goggles also no longer completely cover her head, while the eagle-eyed sniper’s long purple hair has been braided. It’s certainly a lethal look for this popular character.



Reaper’s design has always oozed that of a shady villain. After all, this former Overwatch founder isn’t exactly known for his kindness. Featuring a jet-black hood and cape, Reaper can effortlessly blend into the shadows.

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His new redesign is a much simpler 1. Everything from Reaper’s bulky belt to his leg guards and jagged spikes have all been removed. After all, the best assassins operate best under the cover of darkness.


Pharah is one of the least altered heroes in Overwatch 2. In fact, the only changes are to her hairstyle and armor coloration. If you liked the mech suit design of Pharah’s original design, then you’ll definitely like the one in Overwatch 2.



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