MASTEN 22 MADDEN MÁQUINAS: Campeões revelados junto com NAT e New Mut 22 Desafios

The new Madden 22 Madden Machines have been revealed this morning. If you haven’t had the chance to check them out, we’ve got them here.

This new MUT 22 release brings a few great cards to the Marketplace, including the Champion and NAT.

Here’s who you can expect to see in the new Madden Machines release.


New Madden 22 Madden Machines

On Good Morning Madden the new Madden Machines cards were revealed to mixed emotions. Some players aren’t too happy with the new cards.

However, there are a few good ones in the set which include the first Champion and NAT that were revealed today. Hopefully, these cards turn out to be great MUT 22 additions.

The Adrian Phillips Champion is the first of two that were revealed today. He has a few different Theme Teams that he’s available for as well.

Here are the ratings:

  • SPD – 95 OVR
  • ACC – 98 OVR
  • TAK – 96 OVR
  • PRC – 97 OVR
  • PUR – 94 OVR
  • MCV – 89 OVR
  • ZCV – 97 OVR
  • POW – 90 OVR


The next Champion for the Madden 22 Madden Machines will be revealed on Twitter on the @EASPORTS_MUT account.

Madden 22 April Title Update

Considering that April is just around the corner, we’re hopeful that we’ll see another Madden 22 update to Ultimate Team.

Last month, we saw plenty of changes, but they weren’t necessarily targeted toward MUT 22. Most of the changes revolved around Franchise Mode.

Here are the changes to Madden 22 in March:

  • New Scenarios for Franchise
  • Coach Adjustments added to Practice mode
  • NFL Live Playbooks update
  • Fixed an issue with the fifth-year option scenario that was causing it not to trigger in the offseason
  • Fixed an issue with a ‘Crisis in Confidence’ scenario goal that would cause it not award Staff Points upon completion

* Coach Adjustments and Coverage Depths have returned to Practice mode! You will now be able to use Coach Adjustments and Zone Coverage Adjustments in Practice Mode via RS/R3 click from the Play-Call Menu.


Once the April Title Update is available, we’ll deliver the patch notes to you for Madden 22.


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